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Smokin' Willie "Hot Blooded Mama" 1970 US Fuzz Heavy Psych

2015-05-02 41 DL

Smokin' Willie "Smokin" Willie" 1970 US Private Garage Heavy Psych monster.

"This is probably one of the of the oddest albums we've ever released. Smokin' Willie and his sidekicks Jim Sarvis and Ron Frye deliver a sound and a take on some hits of the day the likes of which you won't have heard before. The trio blasts its way through two original numbers and its own singular versions of 'Whiter Shade Of Pale', 'Evil Ways', 'Get Ready' and the most unbelievable 'House Of The Rising Sun' you're ever likely to hear. There's lots of Hammond, up-front fuzz guitar, a truly thunderous rhythm section and howling vocals and as times it is hard to imagine this much sound being produced by only three musicians. Originally released in 1970 on the Ulrich Studios label (Ulrich Studio 3999) as a private pressing, the biker trio's budget only ran to 500 copies most of which were eagerly snapped up by the good folks of southern Indiana where the band enjoyed considerable local support."


1. Hot Blooded Mama
2. Whiter Shade Of Pale
3. Evil Ways
4. Get Ready
5. House Fo The Risin' Sun
6. Vehicle