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Aerial Footage Captures Scale of Flooding Near Brazos River, Texas

2017-08-29 83 DL

Houston native Josh Gremillion‏ captured images with a drone that showed the scale of flooding near the Brazos River, Texas, on August 29.

The National Weather Service projected the river would reach 59 feet by Sunday evening. Last year’s record was 54.7 feet.

A mandatory evacuation was ordered Monday afternoon for low lying areas along the Brazos River, including those in levee districts in Sugar Land and Fort Bend County.

Gremillion‏ told Storyful he flew his drone to check on water levels in his neighborhood and to determine whether his family and neighbors needed to start making sand bags. The levee seen in the video connects to the Brazos River, which is supposed to crest at an 800 year high. Credit: Josh Gremillion‏ via Storyful